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June 2019

There are two different ways to publish your podcasts on TalkShoe. 1. Live options - this is the option people are most familiar 2. Upload an audio file that was recorded earlier. It’s really easy to do and means you can record your podcast whenever you want, edit out any accidents and even add extra features, like introduction music or sound effects. Once you have your mp3 audio file ready to upload, you only need to login to your TalkShoe account, create a new episode and choose the ‘Upload’ option instead of schedule. We recommend Audacity for recording and editing your podcasts in advance.

Summer is here in Toronto, and the city is brimming with outdoor events to check out during these sunny, warm months. The ever-evolving metropolis has no shortage of delicacies to eat, places to go, things to do. And now, there’s even a way to hit record and tell the world what’s on your mind by making an on-the-spot podcast. That’s right, a pop-up podcast studio at Stackt Market, brought to you by TalkShoe. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like sitting in a recording studio with a mic ready for you to express yourself, now is the perfect time to

From the Podcast Movement in Philadelphia to the Toronto Podcaster Meet-Up in Toronto, TalkShoe is taking its podcasting studio to the newly opened Stackt Market. Stackt Market is a creative commercial space that uses shipping containers to house businesses, cultural exhibits, and more. Located in downtown Toronto, TalkShoe also launched a podcast studio in its own hip shipping container, blending into the cultural lifestyle in this new market. TalkShoe is a one-stop-shop podcast platform that has everything you need to host a podcast. The online studio allows the podcast host to record at anytime by computer or by phone without having to

It’s always been known that seeing is believing, but nowadays, we’re shifting more towards hearing is knowing. Podcasting isn’t the trend it once was, it’s actually a preferred way in which way we consume information, data, news, and knowledge. In fact, half of Amerian homes are listening to podcasts, with over three-quarters of them tuning in for all or for the majority of a podcast episode. That’s hours of streamlined focus from your targeted audience on your content during the waking moments of their lives spent at home – and you’re invited! If you’ve been on the fence about whether or