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November 2019

Sam Laliberte is the Host and Producer of the Freedom Lifestyle podcast - a show that is empowering the movement and entrepreneurial shift towards flexible work. Sam has been working remotely and traveling the world as a Digital Nomad for the last two years and throughout her journey, created "Launch a Podcast on a Budget". She has been running this workshop for aspiring podcasters in Toronto and also offering it online. We interviewed Sam in this latest blog post to uncover some of the podcasting tips you can expect from her course. Q: How long have you been helping podcast hosts? A: I

Whether you are just starting out with a brand-new podcast or seeking inspiration for an existing one, it is common to have difficulties with deciding on a specific topic to discuss. But not to worry! This guide will help you get those creative juices flowing and steer you in the right direction to create a podcast that you are excited to share with the world. Start by brainstorming Get ready to throw down all of your ideas! Use the following questions to guide your brainstorming efforts: · What topics are you most passionate about? · What is your area of expertise? · What message or