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What’s stopping your business from starting a podcast? You’re probably thinking, “I don’t have an audience.” Not to worry. This is where you build listenership by appealing to a small but mighty core audience which will eventually give way to a larger one that naturally stays targeted. What’s more, it doesn’t take up much space or cost very much to start. If you have a desk then you have the space for the microphone, computer and podcasting software (Garageband already comes on a Mac!) that are required to get recording! The last thing you need is a good topic to

If you’ve got a podcast or you’re thinking about starting one, guaranteed you’ve heard whispers of the term RSS feed and you’ve seen the symbol on various web pages or Facebook posts (it looks like the wifi symbol fell over on its side and it’s now radiating the arcs on an angle rather than just up). You probably even know that RSS stands for Rich Site Summary (also referred to as Really Simple Syndication) and you may even know that plenty of news sites, weblogs, Twitter feeds, podcasts and online publishers use an RSS feed to syndicate and get their content

Since its inception in 2008, Spotify has been sweeping the globe, connecting music lovers from all over the world. Boasting a collection of millions upon millions of songs, every genre is represented, from mainstream to obscure and every mash-up in between. Spotify was once a music streaming site but has since grown into the music giant it is to include all types of audio. Podcasters, rejoice! Spotify has over 159 million users worldwide, positioning them as the most notable digital audio content platform on the planet. As of June 2018, there are 83 million paying subscribers. Now that Spotify has opened

When did podcasts become so popular? First of all, humans love stories, and the podcasting medium caters exactly to that. Segments can be long and saved for later to be listened to over and over and over again. Secondly, they incite your imagination. There is usually zero visual component, which means your mind gets to hum and whir and make it all up – just like a book. Thirdly, listeners trust their host. The potential for fake news is minimal. Good content builds a wider audience which builds listeners which builds brand integrity. There are so many more reasons why podcasts

Launching a podcast is exciting! It takes weeks, months, years to build up the courage and content to launch a quality podcast into the universe. It’s challenging to get over that initial hump of, “Can I do it?”, “Will I connect with my audience?”, “Do I have enough to say?” These common thoughts are all perfectly normal at the beginning, and middle and end! So you’ve managed to wrangle your ego into submission, and your shiny, beautiful, well-crafted, and teeming-with-engaging-content podcast is ready to go. In fact, you’ve got episode 1 through 10 up, eagerly waiting for the world to click

There are no hard and fast rules for making your podcast shine and attract thousands of listeners. The golden era of early adopters launching a new podcast, getting it listed on iTunes, then getting a mass of listeners to tune in is more of a fantasy than reality as we enter 2019. But don’t feel discouraged. It just means you have to be more creative with marketing your podcast and unafraid to take matters into your own hands. It’s crucial to know how your podcast will live and breathe out there in social media land and the only way to do

Audio is often left sitting out on the sidelines, warming the bench while other flashier media formats like TV or content videos get to be on the starting line up. Don’t be fooled. Audio should be included in your communications mix, more specifically podcasts, as an effective way to get your product heard and talked about. You have the ability to enter your audience’s home, commute, and personal daily routine (even while they’re brushing their teeth!) and speak directly to them. Using a distinct narrative style, selected music clips, and or a signature jingle, you invite listeners to imagine the idea

So now you’re ready to find a suitable podcast hosting service. After all the blood, sweat and tears that have gone into perfecting your podcast, you need the perfect host to make your hard work get noticed. But with so many viable options out there, how’s one supposed to choose what’s best? You’re probably asking yourself questions like, where should I host my podcast? What’s the best podcast hosting site? How much should I be paying? Let’s face it. You’ve already racked your brain and creative juices to come up with a stellar podcast, the hosting part should be easy! Every

I know what you’re probably wondering: who are you, and why should I give a damn about your favorite podcasts? Well, that is a question for the philosophers. The point is that I’ve been listening to podcasts for quite some time, and I’ve got some recommendations that I think you’ll like. And if that’s not enough to convince you, too bad. You already clicked on the article. You might as well see what it says. #1 The Joe Rogan Experience Not everyone is a fan of Joe Rogan’s off-the-cuff, conversational style and his fixation on fighting, comedy, and psychedelics. That’s fine; the real

Pass Time During The Holiday Season With These Holiday Podcasts Whether you’re on a flight to somewhere warm, about to get into a car to your meet your family, or are just staying home for the holidays, you are sure to have some free time this December. For both longtime podcasting fans and newcomers to podcasting, now is the perfect time to start listening to some Christmas podcasts to get you into a festive mood. Even if you’re not the type to celebrate the holidays, you’re sure to like a few of these podcasts. Why? I think you’ll find that there is