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Start Podcasting For Free Right From Your Computer

Social distancing has many people thinking about starting their own podcast. With, recording your first show for free is just minutes away! Try TalkShoe’s free podcasting studio right from your computer today!

How It Works:

Click the “Create” button and fill in the details of your show.

Click “Schedule” and choose when you’d like to record.

When your scheduled show is about to begin, click “Join Studio”.

Once in your studio click the “Record” button.

Start recording your podcast!

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Why Start A Podcast Now?

In this unprecedented time where most of us find ourselves mandated to stay inside, there is a growing communal sense that now is the time to express ourselves creatively in ways that time could not afford us before. We are grateful that we can provide a free service that anyone can use to start their own podcast.

Host Guests Remotely From Your Online Podcasting Studio

Your cohost or guests no longer need to be sitting right beside you! Your account includes a private URL and a long list of dial-in numbers so your guests can connect seamlessly whether they are just around the corner or across the globe.

TalkShoe Yotube Steaming

Easily Integrate TalkShoe To Your YouTube Page For Live Streaming

Being socially isolated doesn’t mean you can’t be seen. Streaming yourself on webcam through YouTube allows for an expansive yet personal audience experience.

Share Your Podcast On All Major Platforms

RSS feeds allow your podcast to be shared across multiple channels with a simple code that TalkShoe provides you with. No technical skills required!

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Features we know you’ll LOVE!

Search engine optimized

Zero downloads

State of the art administrative tools

Unlimited & free cloud hosting

Live broadcasting

Online community

Ready to Get Started?