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Podcasting for all talks of life.

Introducing the new and improved TalkShoe. We kept the good stuff, and added more – still 100% free: free storage, free live streaming, state-of-the-art administrative tools, and a new partner from which to stream: YouTube. TalkShoe is easier than ever to use, allowing you to connect seamlessly with others. Whether phoning or tuning in, use TalkShoe, from podcast to broadcast.


Connect, record, stream, store

Unlike other RSS feeds, we keep all of your data in the same place, so you can grow your following, brand, and business from a centralized platform, which conveniently offers 100% free cloud storage. Don’t worry about losing valuable content – we’ll take care of moving all your existing files to the new TalkShoe with a seamless switch over.

Interview guests who are halfway across the globe

The new TalkShoe gives you the option to chat with guests from around the world by combining virtual conferencing solutions and live dial-in phone lines, at no cost whatsoever. Seamlessly integrate the recording of these guest callers during a live stream with the touch of a button.


Start your own podcast for free.


Record your podcast live


Stream and share to a live captive audience.


Free, unlimited podcast hosting!

Connect with Your Community

Know your listener activity

Check your profile for reviews, comments, and connections from fellow casters.

Find your fellow casters

Create an exchange of ideas and opinions with audiences and content creators.

Find your audience

Use TalkShoe’s easily navigated platform to find, and get to know, your listeners.

Find new ideas

Browse other channels and profiles to give you a fresh take on what’s online, what people are feeling, and what drives them.

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