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Everything you need to host a podcast all in one place

Free hosting with unlimited storage

Sick of paying for storage? Save thousands of dollars on hosting with free, unlimited storage! TalkShoe hosts your podcast 100% free! Post, share and download as many episodes as you please with your free account.

YouTube live streaming

Amplify your reach with Live YouTube Streaming right from your TalkShoe account! Reach a whole new audience and gain even more followers by leveraging YouTube live streaming with a click of a button.

Auto transcribe all of your podcasts

TalkShoe transcribes all your podcast and generates topic tags so you can quickly find that quote or conversation from a previous episodes.  Find a piece of an episode you’re looking for, scroll to the selected text, click through and listen to the audio recording for easy search every time.

Joint moderator & co-hosting options

You no longer need your co-host sitting next to you to go live. TalkShoe offers the option of adding co-hosts to your show, via web or by phone.  Add your co-host with the click of a button giving them access to host controls. This will give them the ability to mute, unmute callers, manage chat messages and much more.

Easy to use RSS feeds

TalkShoe makes sharing your podcasts easy with built-in RSS feeds that are easily implemented on iTunes and other sharing sites.  RSS feeds allow your podcast to be shared across multiple channels with a simple code that TalkShoe provides you with. No technical skills required!  

Connect by web or by phone

Podcast from anywhere, anytime! Whether connected to the internet or on a mobile device you can record your podcast live with TalkShoe. Give your fans the ability to join a podcast through global dial-in numbers with great sounding audio or by an internet browser. We help to alleviate potential costs and internet headaches for you and your listeners. This ensures your podcast is easy to access so everyone can join in on the fun, stress-free.

TalkShoe has no borders and neither should you. Every account comes with a comprehensive list of international dial-in numbers allowing your podcast to reach all corners of the globe for free. You and all your listeners can use a different dial-in number, as long as everyone enters the same show ID and PIN, everyone will be able to access your podcast live.

More features we know you’ll LOVE!

Search engine optimized

Zero downloads

State of the art administrative tools

Unlimited & free cloud hosting

Live broadcasting

Online community

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